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Garage Door Cable Tracks

Garage Door Cable Tracks

Garage doors play an important role to your home’s security and for this reason Garage Door Cable Tracks Carrollton focuses on the good condition of the mechanism.

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

We guarantee excellence in residential garage door maintenance

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Garage Doors

Garage Doors

We have trustworthy professionals who ensure clients’ security at all times

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Advanced garage door maintenance services

Answer about your how and why questions about garage door repair because you must feel ready and confident to do the job.

Making garage door related decisions is hard whether you want to pick a new opener or find out what to do to solve a specific overhead door problem. If you have several related questions and seek answers, check the ones provided here below. Scroll down and read some very interesting answers to frequently asked questions.

Can I paint the wooden garage door on my own?

The procedure is not hard as much as picking the right products. You must get high quality coatings and start with one, which would protect wood from elements. Before you start, make sure to scrub the surface and clean off the mold.

What are the insulated garage doors?

They contain insulated materials, which can make the garage door resistant to weather conditions. Hence, your garage and the entire house will have ideal temperatures and you will save on energy consumption paying less on electricity bills according to Garage Door Repair Carrollton.

Should I lubricate parts often?

The frequency of lubrication maintenance is not actually fixed. Under normal circumstances it must take place twice every year but it will basically depend on the frequency of the door's use, the weather condition and the status of the garage door parts. Dry seasons, for example, will exhaust the lubricants of the components faster and they will need to be lubricated more often. Lubrication is also important before winter time to keep parts moving under extreme temperatures.

What is the importance of insulation for a garage door?

Our experts from Carrollton say that insulation is important for a garage door because not all garages are able to maintain constant temperature. A well-insulated door can reduce the amount of energy needed to control the temperature in the garage.

What causes garage door opener overheating?

This issue is most often caused by extensive operation. You should let the unit rest until it cools completely before you use it again. Overheating can be caused by some type of internal damage or blockage as well. In such cases, timely repair has to be provided according to our professionals.

What makes garage doors vulnerable?

Garage doors and their components will be vulnerable if they're not treated right and regularly. Garage door maintenance is the best solution according to our technicians. Steel will rust eventually and lubrication maintenance will help them last longer. They might get scratched if they're not tightened well.

Does the garage door opener require lubrication maintenance?

Yes, it does if it has a drive chain or screw. In order for this moving metal part to work properly, it has to be lubricated once or twice a year. The choice of lubricant depends on the recommendations of the manufacturer. The product must be applied along the entire length of the metal component.


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